Thursday, November 14, 2013

Britney Spears- Work Bitch Pop icon in Video but Zombie in Real Life!

Teen Pop sensation
Oops sorry that never leaves ur tongue does it, probably miss Britney is too Old for this title, as for seeing she is Mom for two , her new Single  Work Bitch really proves she is able to stand in those fabulous pair of deadly high heels and ready to fight for this title!
and SHE WON'T let go!
"Work Bitch" (stylized as "Work B**ch!") is a song recorded by Miss Britney spears for a forthcoming Album Britney jean!
Work Bitch" made its premiere on September 15, 2013. and got us prepared for another Britney spears era of Amazing dance pop, fusion songs which reeks of sex pheromones and VODKA!

and everybody did like it! because its Effin Britney spears we're talking about!
The song Starts with a slow bass which finally gains momentum and makes you wanna stand and shake you BOO TAY and Jiggle Your TIT TAES vigorously . Then a slow and sensual voice of mrs britney spears employing you for work and as the Ring Leader she Gets to Whip you up in shape still Keeping her Base! pumping!

and that Lyrics start . lemme tell you they had the most advanced Britney Lyrics yet RIGHT!
no -.-!
they are not deep sensual Lyrics, that make you think,but they do give of a point, she is appetizing  your hunger for the perks of being a Pop icon and Luxuriates of Fame


well she Air Brushed herself to Perfection didn't she ,to Prove her Point!


Yeah but if the Paparazzi see's her two Boys Driving it, there would Be MEDIA frenzy!


 in the Next line she says of u want a  Lamborghini ,a fancy car which is usually seen in Rap videos  on which number of Girls will surely be twerking and doing Booty Pops on the Hood!
and Sipping maritnis, a drink which surely the rich enjoy when they feel like Gossiping! or when they Bitch about someone!
but WAIT DRINKING WHILE DRIVING! i don't know about you miss britney spears but i don't wanna be a DRUNK BITCH thats for sure!
Moving on! to the Main Chorus Line where Brit Brit tells you to Get of ur Lazy ass  off and TO

or she will spank your lazy ass with a whip,and get you in line ! OUCH!
The Song is really catchy and perfect for an upbeat Pop tempo! where it stands Most Definitely Better than Scream and shout!
in scream and shout there are light moments where the song slows down. but work bitch never lets you to rest But wants to keeping moving them Hips and that BOO TAY! till you get in shape!
a perfect song for me in my workout session!
The Video was was shot by Ben Mor, who had previously worked on the video for Spears and Will-i-am's' 2012 single, "Scream & Shout!
where she acts like a dominating seamstress telling all the WANABEES how its done and proving herself that why she is  the Princess of Pop!
she's in the dessert wearing her sexy outfiutts whipping her pet proteges into shape and being all
SEXY! and makes a Great comeback right after we are about to forget about femme fetale!
BOOM! there she is Popping another album making us dance again

Work Bitch may seem like to many People as an Empowerment song! a dance song telling you to get of uR LAME ASS! and getting to work to the Lazy people of America! Britney spears may seem as epitome of a free woman and shouting her statements of So called work ethic in this pop video where she seems active as a dog in heat but in actuality i think of Britney spears as a Glamor zombie!
back in the day when she was judging people on X factor!
she was constantly acting like a deranged zombie! i had doubts that she could even speak at all
Simon Cowell was ready to fire her as a judge because he wanted the Crazy fun Britney but all he got was DIRTY TIRED AND PAUNCHY! and mmmm wht else yeah!
who would pay for 15Million dollars for a couple of "OO THATS AMAZING" and Half claps!?
Boring Brit Brit getting fierd! BOOHOO!
and as i saw the audition she was constantly under the surveillance of her husband/manager  Jason Trawick! watching her every move and and her every dialogue who now shares LEGAL CONTROL OVER HER!!
thats Preposterous!

Britney spears wasn't all comfortable with her DRAMATIC entourage of sexy wanna be femme feteles who she was delightfully whipping away!
she said, ahem
“A lot of sex goes in to what I do… But sometimes I would just like to bring it back to the old days when it was like one outfit through the whole video, and you’re just dancing through the whole video, and there’s not that much sex stuff going on and it’s just about the dance.”
“A lot of sex goes in to what I do… But sometimes I would just like to bring it back to the old days when it was like one outfit through the whole video, and you’re just dancing through the whole video, and there’s not that much sex stuff going on and it’s just about the dance.”
“A lot of sex goes in to what I do… But sometimes I would just like to bring it back to the old days when it was like one outfit through the whole video, and you’re just dancing through the whole video, and there’s not that much sex stuff going on and it’s just about the dance.”
"A lot of sex goes into what I do. But sometimes I would like to bring it back to the old days when there was like one outfit through the whole video, and you're dancing the whole video, and there's like not that much sex stuff going on. It's about the dance and it'’s about being old school, it's like keeping it real and just making it about the dance. I’d love to do a video like that"

which clearly Means she was pressurized to do this sexy desert Montage which tries to show that she's the QUEEN but in actuality she's the SLAVE!

who tries to teach other People that if u become slaves you get RICH!
HAVE perfect toned bodies, and yeah FREE martinis! yum!

work Bitch is an amazing Pop song but it can be called as predictable in Britney standards but still stands amazing  and FRESH!
she may be a real life Zombie but she truly comes ALIVE in this video and makes a Brilliant comeback!Telling us Precisely why she is still HOT in the Business!
because who so ever is controlling her, because as i said she's not in her own senses at least is telling all the right clues on how to stay HOT in the business and constantly telling her
WELL! to


Saturday, November 2, 2013

The To Do List- how this is the Most Aweomest Movie i have seen in MONTHS!

in these tough times, especially in this tough economy, its Hard to make Friends!
Um okay that wasn't very well put sorry? lemme rephrase it
in these tough times and especially when ur a social outcast and definitely an introvert who as a potential to make friends but can't find friends who are of his CALIBER, u entertain ur lonely self with Movies.
Trust me when i say this I watch a lotta movies ALOT!
and in these few Months its hard to find a Good Movies that Sorta relaxes my nerves and helps my brain release endorphins of Movie Flick Pleasure!
that last movie which did that was
after that i have been passing my time watching lame movies like the sitter, and some shitty horror movies that don't really make sense!
but when i discovered this JACKPOT when it came out!
the story was very riveting enough, and very and very interesting, but i had no sense that it was THAT FUNNY!
This is SOooooOOOOOoo my kinnda Movie!
The to do List has the Old Comic humor that really makes u laugh, and its disgustingly sexy funny lines really tickles ur funny bone!

so this is the story of your Average nerd and and super Organized Brandy Brandy Klark, who is socially awkward KLUTZ! after her Graduation she is ridiculed as a virgin!

Wendy and Fiona her best Buds which, take her to a party after her Graduation where she gets drunk for the first time,  and as the party progresses she mentions she almost had sex with a college boy named Rusty Waters
rusty is a DEAD HOT HUNK!
and sparks her RAGING TEENAGE ESTROGEN hormones for the first time!but when rusty was about to bang her like CARAZY! but he Backed off for reasons the WHOLE AUDIENCE would know duh!
At this point she decided she was going to learn all about sex over the summer and go on a quest to have sex with Rusty.

now i have my fare share of exploring on the matter! the to do list falls in place with other  sex comic releases like the American pie series, Van wilder, Miss march, the Girl Next door,the road trip and the list goes on and on,
but this movie stands out among all the rest because for the First time a female protagonist has stood out in the League of Males and challenged them that Girls could be equally Horny as Boys are!
and  aubrey Plaza gives a Fine performance as bratty 90's teenager. i mean No one could have done it better than her!

anyways on her way into the Enlightening sexual Journey she makes a list, a list which not only helps her get into the social ladder, but she comes sexy,confident and and expert on so many levels all because of that list, she changes from a Virgin to
sexy Goddess!
but in the way of achieving her Goal of completing that list she not only breaks the Hearts of her Friends wendy and Fiona but aslo her so called Boyfriend and friend Cameron!

the characters in the Movie were very Raunchy and FUNNY and i loved all of them!
this Movie is a One of  a kind Movie which surely will make you laugh staring from its funny START with a strange but really effing hilarious song
AH YOU SO HORNY to the end where Brandy takes her Raging Hormones of to College!
so whenever you see this Movie
SIT BACK AND ENJOY! and LOCK UR DOOR TOO! in case anyone comes in !