Monday, October 28, 2013

A thousands Words-By Jennifer Brown! The aftershocks of SEXTING!

Sexting! the insane acts of Hormone ragged Horny teenagers having Sexual Intercourse by the Help of TEXTING!
And Jennifer brown really Pumps up the Story on this Issue and touches us with a Really light but Impeccable story of a Sexting issue Gone terribly WRONG!
and i thought Phone sex was enough!
people have Now started have started expressing their inner Whores through text too!
well that's something new!
to me the concept of Sexting was something very New and Weird but this Book gave an inner insight how disastrous it can be !

just Look at miley cyrus
the Poor thing was just trying to send her Feelings of eternal Horniness to someone Special maybe her ex boyfriend at that time Justin gaston!
that she was feeling IDK! mature,but when thse pictures of miley got out! ALL hell broke Loose! well anyways she be doing much more of this now!
so this is an OLD ISSUE i brought up!
anyways coming upto  the Review!

A thousand words!
Yes a pretty heavy ride around the drama town i must say so myself,
The reason i picked up this book was because of its appealing story and had a certain affinity towards it that i couldn't resist. So most definitely i picked it up.
This is the story of a young Ashleigh, a naive and callow high schooler and better yet a virgin!
To her the most valuable things in her life were friends vonnie and someother girls ( idk her name because she wasn't a part of the story i swear if she were a cookie she would be a whoreo,And u will say comeon hasnain ur acting like one of those people who called Ashleigh a whore! But no i'm calling the other girl because of what she did, and if u read it u will find soon enough!  but serioiuslly!

her young,handsome off to college boyfriend kaleb!
Kaleb was going to college and ashleigh was downright depressed about it, and her friends were increasing her sense of depression by saying things like kaleb is going to meet college girls who could do more than u could ever do! That peer pressure forced little Ashleigh into a deep boyfriend complex which forced her to use her last weapon to impress her boyfriend kaleb,

a little something to prove she was better then college girls, she could have give him a a gift or a surprise farewell party, but instead she went to bathroom and did a foolish mistake, a mistake that she was going to regret for life.
When I got the part when her boyfriend was doing a disgusting act of spreading her naked pictures around school which became viral, I was pretty much pissed of at kaleb not just me, but i think a lot of people, Because it was a very douchy thing to do, but in the end, kaleb got wht he deserved.

Its very hard to own up to our mistakes, confess them, and its one tough fight, when we are fighting with our selves, constantly struggling inside to find ourselves, to believe that we were once right, to unbelieve wht we did.
This regret is surely painful, but ashley soon discovers, that wht she did, (which sure she wasn't aware when she was doing it) wasn't all about her, but affected her parents too and soon she learns that its better to embrace her regret rather than running away from, it
Transforming her image from " slut up for garbs or vonnie's buttercup" to actually being herself Ashleigh,! And found her self confidence and a friend or something more!

p.s a 3 star rating due to following reasonssss............
A. The end was nice and cute but pretty much hopeless and left me with a lot of questions unanswered!
B.the lack of chemistry between Ashleigh and mack!
C. The lack of chemistry between Ashleigh and her parents.
Other than that the story was downright awesome!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Katy perry- ROAR more like a MEOW!

yes Ladies and transvestites and KATY CATS of course!
not too long ago our very own Jesus freak turned into a Californian teenage dreaming pop sensation Katy perry released her New album "prism" and ofcourse her lead single Roar
which delivered nothing but  a raunchy display of feminism sexuality and over exposure of feline like Behavior!
katy perry's Roar is nothing but yet another predictable pop anthem which GOES ON AND ON and makes you go WELL LOCO!
and u ask ur self a question is it worth buying on Itunes!
if i were you! i would like! Puleeze i'd rather by a EFFin large Bag of cheetos!

the fact that i didn't like the song remains perfectly clear but i am sure looking forward to perry's album! which is quite the unusual name!
i mean Prism,why did she name it prism! yeah sure it a three dimensional Geometrical object!
but why name it as a album?
did she do it to reveal that underneath the cool, peepy cheery, a girl who just lost her virginity type of aura there is something darker lurking inside of perry!
and there many sides to her personality!  MAYBE! i mean thats why she going Crazy and shit and burning up, all her wigs! and attending her own funeral!

there are two line of thoughts on this!
first after russel Brand she definitely has gone completely LOCO!
or second she wants to remove her old self and start with something NEW! like MADONNA'S reinvention!!
all this doesn't change the Fact that to me ROAR was completely OFF single to me!
and little miss perry got Quite into a Controversy for this!
just like Los Angeles times said!
"Just like her previous inescapable smashes, ‘Roar’ comes courtesy of pop masterminds Dr. Luke and Max Martin and will easily claw its way to the top of radio spins even though the song’s uncomfortably close sonic flirtation with Sara Bareillies’ smash ‘Brave’ already has fans up in arms on Twitter.”
see not me but tons of People compared it to SARA BAREILLIES Brave!
i mean did katy perry act like a thief and stole Bereillies song lyrics and converted into her own pop empowerment single!
or was it juts a plain coincidence! I doubt!
and PETA two were on her perfectly tanned and shaped ass because of the Over use of Animals for her ridiculous AMAZON/Tarzinna theme she was going with !

but Peta's Claims were pretty much lame to me cuz all ms perry was doing was talking Funny pictures of herself and a monkey and Goofing around with the tiger and elephant! while dressed up like an AMAZONIAN PEA "COCK or a Mexican SALAD BASKET!

when watching her ridiculous and mortifying display of her transgression against Purple wigs, i thought she would Go with something amazing and edgier! but Sadly!

it looked like a parody of worst possible Nightmares!
i expected great
 things from ms perry when she Dropped her Music videos for WELL
i'm talking about teenage dream! and the music videos were those kinds of Iconic Music videos which surley my grandsons's grandsons will watch and SAY
OUR GREAT GREAT grandfather used to watch some CLASSY SHIT! but Roar was a big Disappointment not only in the Form of the SONG but in the form of a ridiculous music Video! ms perry need to put her mature boots on  now!
And as far as i can say !
the only reason why katy's single charted on the Billboard charts was because of her Imperious legacy she left behind in the form of teenage Dream an soley this single charted on the support of her Teenage dream era!
i hope that she will release yet another glorious single and make me fall in Love with her again!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

50 shades of Nauseation- A BOOK to Destroy Healthy Brain cells!

MOM! I'm Scared :(
i have fully read 50 shades of Grey!
eww who the fuck am i kidding i stopped in between. could not digest it any further! it was just like a disgusting sack of Hagges which was incredibly hard to ingest!
and therefore Voila my title!
even though 50 shades was a highly successful book which hurts me to admit that it really SOLD lots of Copies.
the thing that bothers me that how something like THIS was published in the first Place?
i know, i know
this is a question which i ask myself every time, why do people like these sort of things anyways, its like those fundamental question that can never be Answered like
how is the Sky Blue?|
or Why the Devil wear's Only Prada? there is DIOR armani and Shit Load of Brands out there! why did she go with only prada?
well that will Remain always a mystery to me?
Anyways coming right to the Topic i am very Shocked to see people go CRAZY over this Certain Diarrhea of Words( the book) and Whts wrong with HOLLYWOOD anyways they make these Kinnda Books into Movies but they Leave Original Books with such amazing raw stories behind!? These questions would make me MAD soon!

and they are going hysterical over the cast!i mean If i were an amazingly established actress like Angelina Jolie, or Kate winslet or Even emma stone or emma watson, i would never EVA work in this movie!
ofcourse i can see shining beacon of Hope for the Hollywood industry, when i read a lotta actors Denied taking the role of Christina grey! i mean who wants to be A S&m torturer right!

Rihanna WOULD!

and not just one, not just two but an ANA of stars denied taking the role of Mr. Christian Grey seriously!
and PUhleeeez don't get me started on Anastassia! i soo hate that character, even more than  mr Christian grey himself!
that character is DOWNRIGHT pathetic, down to it very Core! i mean how can a character can be SOOOOOoooooo pathetic!
in the Book she literally Ana is just a giant mess of a human being. She's insecure to the point of it being laughable, 'klutzy' (even though she only trips twice in the entire book) and About halfway through, I wished I'd been keeping track of the word "crap" because Ana is constantly saying/thinking it. Crap, Holy Crap, Double and Triple Crap, Oh Crap, This Crap, That Crap, any and all Crap. Speaking of crap, if I ever, ever ever have to hear/read the words "inner goddess" again, I'm going to construct a pyre out of tampons and maxi pads, light it, and toss unsuspecting women into it.The end of the book was absolutely hilarious, with Ana fleeing in emotional tumult because Christian can't give her what she needs (love! *sniff*)

and after all this humiliation our very smart people of Hollywood *Sigh*
 They're thinking of turning it into a movie....I can't..i just.......


Good Time- by ParisHilton a shining beacon of Hope for all Socialities

SO Hello critiques! Bonjure!
are you tierd of watching the real housewives of new jersey, are u really pissed of at seeing the agonizing and mortifying display of a marriage proposal by kanye to kim!
well to all those wanna socialites who want become famous LISTEN UP! especially u Kim! 
follow Paris hilton!
i can't say i Love her, but at least the lady got some class, as compared to kim! and that class makes me want to like her!
the platinum blonde has done everything but still maintains that class which ensures her as the rightful place as the queen of Socialites!
paris hilton debuts her New single Called Good time! and tbh
her previous singles were far much better than this one, but i really Digged the video, and the cover art is AWESOMENGLY AMAZING!

the song is a beat trance tempo song which has kinnda a bubbly vibe to it
and its not bad! but i can say it quite clearly its not SOOOOOOOOOOOoooo not for me!
but i will be looking forwward to Paris's Album
Hilton's forthcoming Cash Money debut album will be her first full-length in seven years. "Paris," Hilton's 2006 debut album, has sold 198,000 copies to date
i mean i love the songs form her previous album!
like Nothing in this World, stars are blind and Jealousy(i suppose its for you Nikky! )

the Music video is ALL POPPY anf BUBBLY with Glow sticks in the dark, so FUn at POOL!
hot naked dancers in speedos, Lil wayne as raunchy as EVA! and Eww disgusting!
and she be going dancing Flipping of haters, laying in a bikini with  Swarovski crystals, and Ofcourse having one hella of Good time!
A lesson for all socialites if u wanna be TOTALLY HOT like Paris!
Bitch Please!

well you can't

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Holloweeen!

I wish this were a Real Movie!
would be a real treat for me seeing Taylor swift as a cold blooded deamoness
killing taylot launter and God Knows how many Boyfriends/hookups/Craig's list guys/other internet guys who dumped her!
it would be real fun to see slice Harry styles up! YAY!

Revenge Wears Prada! More to Revenge Wears Clerance bin extras!

This was supposedly the most awaited sequel! that most people would be dying to get a copy, and those people including me were pretty much disappointed at Lauren weisberger! for writing a literally shitty sequel to its most amazing and glorious beginning.
the Andy i saw in the movie and the andy i read in ( devil wears prada)the previous book are completely different stereotypes resonating the same image but can't fully comprehend it.
after deeming the fashion industry as something too dangerous and fallaciously wasteful she plunges right into it!
i mean starting a bridal magazine! HELLO its a gateway to La Mode( parieeee) i mean haven't she heard of bridal couture!
designers like vivienne westwood and verawang, Valentino rule this dominion!
my expectations from andy were very high, i mean writing for something important like government politics,i thought she was going to be the real andy, full of hope and life! but i think runway did have a huge impact on her and it leeched onto her like a glamazon virus,that transformed her into this Highly chic newyork girl trying to marry a rich handsome dude!i mean
Wht the hell happened!

my expectations from andy were very high, i mean writing for something important like government politics,i thought she was going to be the real andy, full of hope and life! but i think runway did have a huge impact on her and it leeched onto her like a glamazon virus,that transformed her into this Highly chic newyork girl trying to marry a rich handsome dude!i mean
Wht the hell happened!
anyways continuing my nonsenscial ranting all lauren talks in this book is about how andy did this how andy did that! i mean this is the concept of revenge she came up with, that andy became successful!
Miranda wanted her to be successful that's why she recommended her to every other publication she was interviewing!
It did have few share of parts of Miranda! by few i mean

Miranda priestly the High Priestess of Runway,The best editor who can tell the difference between Blue sweater and cerulean one and can give a highly cliched lecture on the self importance of fashion , has a few pages! ARE U KIDDING ME!
she was the star, she was the Pièce de résistance, the main attraction!
SORRY without the star there is no audience!
and without the devil there shall be no prada!
Revenge wears prada was a huge disappointment,lacking originality and substance,was completely pretentious Lauren is presented a highly cliched version of andy which has put to shame to the exuberant vibe of its prodigious precedent!

She came in Like a WRECKING BALL!

okay so i'm going to rant about Destiny hope Cyrus betta put ur seat belt on! because this is going to be a heavy ride around drama town!
well miley hasn't been always my favorite singer/actress but i always liked her, never really loved here though!
but after seeing we can't stop and wrecking ball i kinnda like her!
see i can be nice!
she has become into a sophisticated, mature adult!

see wht i mean! and she being out there making cool and hip songs ( no pun there)
about how she can't stop partying and how she can't stop taking photosessions with terry richardson(God that Guy is SOOOOOoooo creppy if i were miley io would stay aa km away from him) and how here life was half destroyed by wrecking ball *cough* liam!
well anyhooooo!
i mean yeah she is acting kinnda freaky nowadays but these are days to explore, to find new opportunities to have new experiences like smoking pot, rubbing up ur ass on robin thickes crotch and making a sledge hammer and wrecking ball look hella coool!

i mean i am actually liking the new miley, she's hip and cool and i lover new songs.if u look at my ipaod there used to be only two miley songs there, the climb ( which was so damn emotional) and party in the USA ( honey please i would never want to come to USA for a damn party)
the things about being naked infront of all the whole world i mean YEAH SURE NO BIGGE everybody has been there done that,
you'll see there will come a time when selena gomes will be on a Mexican pinata naked and singing an GOD awful song which she herself didn't write nor contributed!
miley is an amazing artist , and i admire her new look and everything because she is doing something different
i don't appreciate her enought to support her. i'm just saying let her do wht she wanna do! let her be!
in the end we all know where she'sgonna end up in!
the only problem i have for miley is her fashion sense!
GURL u need some really nice wardrome, some dior armani shit, u know wht i'm saying!
when i saw her in this vomit of Fashiionista!
i was like puking my karl lagarfeld out! wht was she thinking!
my most rpobabale guess was thay she was being ruanchy and trying to make  statement! that she doesn't care shit about what  people say!
a mantra she be yelling all over the world!
anyways KUDOS to you miley

Lorde- a perfect example wht the music Industry has become!

so when i heard Lorde, the 16-year-old singer-songwriter,knocked Miley Cyrus off her “Wrecking Ball” to top Billboard’s Hot 100 charts and i was like are u effing kidding me, than i had a thought she must have a pretty good song, which was obviously much more hip and amazing then wrecking ball, so i searched her song called ahem! excuse me while i barf "royals" when i heard this song, it was satan himself was crying because the song was so damn ugly and her voice too, i mean did u guys even bother in opening up the lyrics of that song! i mean they make no absolute sense at all! let me give u guys an example

"And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood,
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz."

okay so the frizz ball is saying she clearly doesn't want to be the next kate Middleton! okay seems right now , but wait!

"Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy"

 and then in the second line of the chorus she runs and saying she wants to be a royal and wants to rule, i mean make up ur mind sista whts wrong with you!
and i can't even describe it any further,i mean the lyrics were so twisted and out of sense that it literally gave me nightmares in the night! i have no idea whts wrong with people out there, they listen to this crap and get these kinda people famous for nothing who smack stars like Selena Gomez over their come and get it songs which BTW it was an amazingly good song as compared to ROYAAAAALS! i mean if i got drunk and write a song,does that mean i willbe on top on billboard charts tooooO! YAY! and this so called singer says Taylor Swift is so flawless" B-PLEASE tyalor swift is fire breathing demon from hell! i so hate her, but her songs are good, i will soon write about miss taylor in the next coming up post but right now let us focus on lorde! seriously LORDE! wht kinnda name is that! why do people don't put their original names, is there a law saying to not to use ur Original names sheeesh! WHY is this song number one anyways! people these days listen all kinds of crap rather than listening to original music thinking they listen to cool peppy music and which adds to their ridiculous swag! UFF! i had enough! if lorde doesn't come up with a decent single which actually is for us humans then and only then i might write about something a little bit nicer abut her! but for the time being LORDE A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE( not gaga's applause but really sarcastic applause) for raping my eardrum! UR EVIL!