Monday, October 28, 2013

A thousands Words-By Jennifer Brown! The aftershocks of SEXTING!

Sexting! the insane acts of Hormone ragged Horny teenagers having Sexual Intercourse by the Help of TEXTING!
And Jennifer brown really Pumps up the Story on this Issue and touches us with a Really light but Impeccable story of a Sexting issue Gone terribly WRONG!
and i thought Phone sex was enough!
people have Now started have started expressing their inner Whores through text too!
well that's something new!
to me the concept of Sexting was something very New and Weird but this Book gave an inner insight how disastrous it can be !

just Look at miley cyrus
the Poor thing was just trying to send her Feelings of eternal Horniness to someone Special maybe her ex boyfriend at that time Justin gaston!
that she was feeling IDK! mature,but when thse pictures of miley got out! ALL hell broke Loose! well anyways she be doing much more of this now!
so this is an OLD ISSUE i brought up!
anyways coming upto  the Review!

A thousand words!
Yes a pretty heavy ride around the drama town i must say so myself,
The reason i picked up this book was because of its appealing story and had a certain affinity towards it that i couldn't resist. So most definitely i picked it up.
This is the story of a young Ashleigh, a naive and callow high schooler and better yet a virgin!
To her the most valuable things in her life were friends vonnie and someother girls ( idk her name because she wasn't a part of the story i swear if she were a cookie she would be a whoreo,And u will say comeon hasnain ur acting like one of those people who called Ashleigh a whore! But no i'm calling the other girl because of what she did, and if u read it u will find soon enough!  but serioiuslly!

her young,handsome off to college boyfriend kaleb!
Kaleb was going to college and ashleigh was downright depressed about it, and her friends were increasing her sense of depression by saying things like kaleb is going to meet college girls who could do more than u could ever do! That peer pressure forced little Ashleigh into a deep boyfriend complex which forced her to use her last weapon to impress her boyfriend kaleb,

a little something to prove she was better then college girls, she could have give him a a gift or a surprise farewell party, but instead she went to bathroom and did a foolish mistake, a mistake that she was going to regret for life.
When I got the part when her boyfriend was doing a disgusting act of spreading her naked pictures around school which became viral, I was pretty much pissed of at kaleb not just me, but i think a lot of people, Because it was a very douchy thing to do, but in the end, kaleb got wht he deserved.

Its very hard to own up to our mistakes, confess them, and its one tough fight, when we are fighting with our selves, constantly struggling inside to find ourselves, to believe that we were once right, to unbelieve wht we did.
This regret is surely painful, but ashley soon discovers, that wht she did, (which sure she wasn't aware when she was doing it) wasn't all about her, but affected her parents too and soon she learns that its better to embrace her regret rather than running away from, it
Transforming her image from " slut up for garbs or vonnie's buttercup" to actually being herself Ashleigh,! And found her self confidence and a friend or something more!

p.s a 3 star rating due to following reasonssss............
A. The end was nice and cute but pretty much hopeless and left me with a lot of questions unanswered!
B.the lack of chemistry between Ashleigh and mack!
C. The lack of chemistry between Ashleigh and her parents.
Other than that the story was downright awesome!!

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