Sunday, October 27, 2013

Katy perry- ROAR more like a MEOW!

yes Ladies and transvestites and KATY CATS of course!
not too long ago our very own Jesus freak turned into a Californian teenage dreaming pop sensation Katy perry released her New album "prism" and ofcourse her lead single Roar
which delivered nothing but  a raunchy display of feminism sexuality and over exposure of feline like Behavior!
katy perry's Roar is nothing but yet another predictable pop anthem which GOES ON AND ON and makes you go WELL LOCO!
and u ask ur self a question is it worth buying on Itunes!
if i were you! i would like! Puleeze i'd rather by a EFFin large Bag of cheetos!

the fact that i didn't like the song remains perfectly clear but i am sure looking forward to perry's album! which is quite the unusual name!
i mean Prism,why did she name it prism! yeah sure it a three dimensional Geometrical object!
but why name it as a album?
did she do it to reveal that underneath the cool, peepy cheery, a girl who just lost her virginity type of aura there is something darker lurking inside of perry!
and there many sides to her personality!  MAYBE! i mean thats why she going Crazy and shit and burning up, all her wigs! and attending her own funeral!

there are two line of thoughts on this!
first after russel Brand she definitely has gone completely LOCO!
or second she wants to remove her old self and start with something NEW! like MADONNA'S reinvention!!
all this doesn't change the Fact that to me ROAR was completely OFF single to me!
and little miss perry got Quite into a Controversy for this!
just like Los Angeles times said!
"Just like her previous inescapable smashes, ‘Roar’ comes courtesy of pop masterminds Dr. Luke and Max Martin and will easily claw its way to the top of radio spins even though the song’s uncomfortably close sonic flirtation with Sara Bareillies’ smash ‘Brave’ already has fans up in arms on Twitter.”
see not me but tons of People compared it to SARA BAREILLIES Brave!
i mean did katy perry act like a thief and stole Bereillies song lyrics and converted into her own pop empowerment single!
or was it juts a plain coincidence! I doubt!
and PETA two were on her perfectly tanned and shaped ass because of the Over use of Animals for her ridiculous AMAZON/Tarzinna theme she was going with !

but Peta's Claims were pretty much lame to me cuz all ms perry was doing was talking Funny pictures of herself and a monkey and Goofing around with the tiger and elephant! while dressed up like an AMAZONIAN PEA "COCK or a Mexican SALAD BASKET!

when watching her ridiculous and mortifying display of her transgression against Purple wigs, i thought she would Go with something amazing and edgier! but Sadly!

it looked like a parody of worst possible Nightmares!
i expected great
 things from ms perry when she Dropped her Music videos for WELL
i'm talking about teenage dream! and the music videos were those kinds of Iconic Music videos which surley my grandsons's grandsons will watch and SAY
OUR GREAT GREAT grandfather used to watch some CLASSY SHIT! but Roar was a big Disappointment not only in the Form of the SONG but in the form of a ridiculous music Video! ms perry need to put her mature boots on  now!
And as far as i can say !
the only reason why katy's single charted on the Billboard charts was because of her Imperious legacy she left behind in the form of teenage Dream an soley this single charted on the support of her Teenage dream era!
i hope that she will release yet another glorious single and make me fall in Love with her again!

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