Saturday, October 26, 2013

50 shades of Nauseation- A BOOK to Destroy Healthy Brain cells!

MOM! I'm Scared :(
i have fully read 50 shades of Grey!
eww who the fuck am i kidding i stopped in between. could not digest it any further! it was just like a disgusting sack of Hagges which was incredibly hard to ingest!
and therefore Voila my title!
even though 50 shades was a highly successful book which hurts me to admit that it really SOLD lots of Copies.
the thing that bothers me that how something like THIS was published in the first Place?
i know, i know
this is a question which i ask myself every time, why do people like these sort of things anyways, its like those fundamental question that can never be Answered like
how is the Sky Blue?|
or Why the Devil wear's Only Prada? there is DIOR armani and Shit Load of Brands out there! why did she go with only prada?
well that will Remain always a mystery to me?
Anyways coming right to the Topic i am very Shocked to see people go CRAZY over this Certain Diarrhea of Words( the book) and Whts wrong with HOLLYWOOD anyways they make these Kinnda Books into Movies but they Leave Original Books with such amazing raw stories behind!? These questions would make me MAD soon!

and they are going hysterical over the cast!i mean If i were an amazingly established actress like Angelina Jolie, or Kate winslet or Even emma stone or emma watson, i would never EVA work in this movie!
ofcourse i can see shining beacon of Hope for the Hollywood industry, when i read a lotta actors Denied taking the role of Christina grey! i mean who wants to be A S&m torturer right!

Rihanna WOULD!

and not just one, not just two but an ANA of stars denied taking the role of Mr. Christian Grey seriously!
and PUhleeeez don't get me started on Anastassia! i soo hate that character, even more than  mr Christian grey himself!
that character is DOWNRIGHT pathetic, down to it very Core! i mean how can a character can be SOOOOOoooooo pathetic!
in the Book she literally Ana is just a giant mess of a human being. She's insecure to the point of it being laughable, 'klutzy' (even though she only trips twice in the entire book) and About halfway through, I wished I'd been keeping track of the word "crap" because Ana is constantly saying/thinking it. Crap, Holy Crap, Double and Triple Crap, Oh Crap, This Crap, That Crap, any and all Crap. Speaking of crap, if I ever, ever ever have to hear/read the words "inner goddess" again, I'm going to construct a pyre out of tampons and maxi pads, light it, and toss unsuspecting women into it.The end of the book was absolutely hilarious, with Ana fleeing in emotional tumult because Christian can't give her what she needs (love! *sniff*)

and after all this humiliation our very smart people of Hollywood *Sigh*
 They're thinking of turning it into a movie....I can't..i just.......


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