Monday, August 31, 2015

The VMAS red carpet 2015
lets hit it bitches because its one in the morning and we have a life!

Miley Cyrus
all hail miss itty bitty tits galore!

the outfit is pretty chic for the vmas u need to get some eye poppers especially if ur the host! but she could have gone totally wild with it, but all she could manage is to steals daddy's silver belts.

Demi Lovato
the outfit is nice but nice won't make the cut honey! ur on the red carpet! hungry fashion bitches like us will come for you if u don't get it right, we like you and u have some ounce of talent so we will let ya of the hook this time the hair is horrible tho!.

Nicki Minaj
she is killing it, on stage! but here her makeup is only killing it! honey don't be a kim cliche my dear! a terrible fashion inspiration to go for tbh!

Taylor swift and the sisterhood of the travelling pantyhoes
taylor honey wearing sequined pjs are u kidding me! and selena's dress is so damn boring if u could stare at it you will go right into a coma! idk who the other bland bitches are! cara is the only one here killing it! the rest is poop!

Rita Ora
the Black swan .On steroids.

kim kardashian and kanye west
kim is the medial temptress,or a couch i can't decide, kanye looks like a homeless person tbh!

Britney spears
this all screams so painful! her face if u look closely, looks like the white mask from scream!
gurrrrrrrrrl u have been in vegas far too long she be wearing showgirl outfits in bed too!
take it easy.

Kylie jenner
this is pretty good, not a red carpet look tho!

Justin beiber
depresssed lesbian working in a coffee shop.


nick Jonas
 did somebody order a hot ass beef stake on the red carpet! i want this with extra fries please! <3 br="">

Kourtney Kardashian
Wearing her period.

Vaneesa Hudgens
Gypsy princesss! the gown is sweet and romantic! but the theme of the night was edgy and modern! its not ur night honey!

Kelly Osborne
regardless of wht she wears i hate her! worst host ever,and btw the pant suit is shitty as hell! the hair is a mess! its time to change ur saloon and get ur roots done gurl!